Guidelines for Occupational Medical Examinations

ISBN: 978-3-87247-764-4

2 nd revised edition 2014, with CD ROM Hardback, 708 pages

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The Guidelines for occupational medical examinations are a standard reference in occupational medicine. Since 1971, the Guidelines have been elaborated and kept up to date by the committee for occupational medicine of the German Social Accident Insurance, occupational physicians from research and industry, specialists from other areas of medicine and experts in health and safety at the workplace.

Guidelines are accepted procedures of occupational medicine and are in line with the latest developments in the field. In the day to day work of the occupational physician they have proved to be a reliable aid. They give the occupational health professional a framework for consistent procedures and assessment of results.
All the Guidelines are structured according to a universal concept and offer a reliable basis for systematic, quality-controlled occupational health care.